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How the Suzuki Method works..

The Suzuki Method is a profound learning approach that focuses on the overall well-being and character of the child, believing every child can make outstanding music.

Suzuki Method Guitar lessons develop confidence, pride, empathy, listening, team-building, performance, and presentation skills.

Founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in post-war Japan, this method has been embraced in Australia since the 1970s, benefiting thousands of students with high-standard creative music-making.

What are some of the special features

of the Suzuki (“mother tongue”) approach?

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Suzuki students are taught

to play the guitar by ear

and by imitating the teacher,

just as every child learns

to speak their language


through listening,

imitation and repetition

Children develop

basic technical competence

on their instruments

before being taught

to read music,

just as they learn to read

after their ability to talk

has been established.

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Involvement by the parent

in the child’s musical learning

is critical to their success.

The parent is

“the home teacher”

who plays an active role

in the daily routine of

music practice

and at lessons.

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Listening to music daily,

and particularly

the pieces being played,

is a key factor

in achieving success,

just as child

learns to speak

through hearing words


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A strong emphasis on

positive reinforcement

and encouragement,

from the parent

and the teacher.

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Group classes,

ensemble participation

& performance opportunities

are regular events.

Children develop

life-long musical friendships

and learn critical personal

and social skills.

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Playing guitar becomes

an ingrained part

of the children’s lives,

and a lifelong treasure!

Many years teaching experience

and a passion for sharing the joy of music!

Nadia is a dedicated and thoughtful teacher who treats every student with respect and believes in their potential for greatness.

She enjoys teaching students of all ages, aiming to extend their skills.

With extensive experience teaching guitar in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the USA, she has taught high-caliber students, including AMEB Grade 6 to A.Mus standards, VCE Classical Guitar, and tertiary students.

In Germany, she taught at the University of Cologne.

Her Suzuki Method qualification enhances her advanced guitar technique and interpretation, providing a solid foundation for teaching children from age 4.

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Performance biography

Nadia holds a Bachelor of Music from the Victorian College of the Arts and completed postgraduate studies in Classical Guitar at Cologne Musikhochschule under Professor Eliot Fisk, aided by a German Government scholarship.

With extensive performance experience, she has played in diverse ensembles and toured internationally.

Notable performances include collaborations with John Williams and Paco Pena, and solo performances at prestigious events in Italy, Germany and Australia.

Nadia specializes in managing performance anxiety for classical guitarists, conducting workshops at the University of Melbourne, Altamira International Guitar Festival in Hong Kong, and Brooklyn Conservatory.

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The Eltham Suzuki Guitar Studio

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Contact 0466 249 259

Email: sartorin2014@gmail.com