Suzuki Guitar Studio

“Every Child Can…” (Dr Suzuki)

Key features of the Suzuki Talent Education Method include:

  • Learning Classical Guitar using the Suzuki Method is one of the most successful ways of developing outstanding playing ability and musicianship. All aspects of the Suzuki Method are fun: games and activities are used as an inherent part of learning, to encourage repetition and habit creation.
  • One-on-one lessons are complemented by group classes, ensemble participation and performance opportunities. These regular events provide the child with the opportunity to learn critical personal and social skills. Children also have the opportunity to develop life-long musical friendships. Music-making becomes an ingrained part of their life.
  • Parents play an active role in the child’s learning of  the guitar in the daily routine, hence the outstanding level of playing and musicianship. Parents are also supported by Nadia through regular parent group discussions with the Guitar Studio.

Nadia accepts children from the age of 4 to commence learning guitar using this method. Please contact her for further information.