Suzuki Guitar Studio

“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished” (Dr Suzuki)

Key features of the Suzuki Talent Education Method include:

  • Students learn to play by ear and learn to read music when their basic technical competence has been established.
  • Just has the parent is the prime educator for teaching, involvement in the child’s musical learning is critical to their success. The parent is “the home teacher” who plays an active role in the daily routine of music practice and at lessons.
  • Listening to music daily, and particularly the pieces being played, is a key factor in achieving success in the child learning to play the guitar.
  • The success of every small step of improvement is celebrated so the child is motivated to continue. There is a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement, from the parent at home and the teacher in the lessons.
  • One-on-one lessons are complemented by group classes, ensemble participation and performance opportunities. These regular events provide the child with the opportunity to learn critical personal and social skills. Children also have the opportunity to develop life-long musical friendships. Music-making becomes an ingrained part of their life.

Nadia accepts children from the age of 4 to commence learning guitar using this method. Please contact her for further information.